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I have been nominated for the Brand Builders Club Awards Event for Greatest Transformation of the Year!

Click here if you think I am a worthy winner

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Learn as you play, the Amanda way!

The biggest wish I have for all young children is to become an active child, because this gives them the best chance to become an active adult!

I believe that by encouraging children to move from an early age, they may well become our stars of the future, one day.

I thoroughly enjoy watching children develop in confidence each week through attending my weekly classes. I want to leave a legacy teaching pre-school children how to be healthy and active!

Now that you know what my biggest motivation is, I am chuffed and profoundly grateful that Sarah, mum to wonderful little Christopher, is happy to share with you why her son wants to come to my classes, every single week of the year and what this has meant for him and his mum. Christopher was about eighteen months when he first joined my class, and he’s been coming every week, up until now. He’s three-and-a-half years old and loves to dance, sing and join in with all the other children. Here’s what his mum Sarah wants to share with you.

What was your first impression when Christopher joined?
The reason I picked Amanda’s class initially is that she ran throughout all of the holidays. Her classes are not stopping and starting, it’s continuous and I enjoy that it’s always there for him to go to. We were also pleasantly surprised that her classes cater for mixed ages. She has babies from as young as four months joining in with up to three-year-olds, which is great, as the younger ones are learning through watching the older ones. Christopher loves the class, Amanda is very interactive, she uses a great variety of activities. Everything is very short, so a song might last for one or two minutes. And then they tidy up. They tidy up after every activity, you see, and Amanda has a special song for that. This way, Christopher and the other children have always got that sense of what’s coming next. They love that!

What I really like about Amanda is that she isn’t just running her programme, she is connecting with the children who are there. And this varies from class to class.

What developments have you noticed in Christopher?
Christopher has learnt a lot. For example, the pincer grip to develop his handwriting skills, using the koosh ball. He also loves using the Happy Clappers, which has taught him to count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then give me a big high five. After marching with the drums, Amanda sits down with them, and they all tap the drum up to 10 or 20 times, depending on the ages of the children in the class. What’s brilliant, is that it all fits in with the EYFS, and that most of Amanda’s songs incorporate counting, colours, shapes etcetera, learning as they play.

What do you notice about Christopher at home, from going to these classes?
Well. Christopher knows the tidy up song, and he’s learned from Amanda how to put the toys back after an activity. I found this really good, because even at home I can say to Christopher “Right, we need to tidy up in your bedroom, cause we’ve got all these things out” so, at first might he be a little uncooperative, but then we sing the tidy up song and he’ll start clearing up with a smile on his face.

Do you drop Christopher off or do you participate?
I always stay there with Christopher, just like all parents and carers do. Amanda knows that children dance better when adults dance with them. Christopher will often say “Come on, Mummy. Mummy, join me”. It’s leading by example, really.

Another thing I love from participating is that Amanda always adapts her class depending on the audience. That’s very important to me as a mum. She’ll pick the songs that suit the younger ones, and then uses more grown-up songs for the older children. This makes it so personal.

Christopher likes it so much that we actually work our timetable around the Action Amanda Classes… we even changed round his nursery days to ensure Christopher could go. It is that important to him, and to us. These classes aren’t something we want to miss – not even one class, because Christopher just loves going, he would be really upset if he couldn’t go.

Did you ever try other classes?
Yes, I did… I went to two different classes, actually, one of which was a music class which I felt Christopher would love, but there wasn’t that interaction. They just went in, ran the class, and they didn’t involve the children in the same way or to the same extent. And it didn’t seem to make any difference if there were 10 or 20 children, they were just doing the class, running their programme. I just left, thinking, oh my goodness, there is no-one like Action Amanda.

What would you say to other mums looking for a class?
I would recommend other mums trying Action Amanda’s class: it’s dynamic, educational, and interactive, there’s lots of dancing, the children have fun and Amanda is amazing. My son is always happy to be there. Amanda is so genuinely herself, and she loves what she does. It’s not a job to her, it’s a passion and this is reflected in everything during the classes. She goes in, full of enthusiasm, positive energy and she is in total connection with the children.

Needless to say that I am thrilled with Sarah’s testimonial. Naturally, I very much appreciate the warm recommendation about me and my classes, yet what really warms my heart is what one simple class a week can mean in these children’s lives for the long term.

This is precisely why I am building a global franchise for energetic and dynamic individuals to teach children how to be active from an early age using my fun, fitness and music concept!
My mission is to teach franchisees the fundamentals to become confident leaders whilst enhancing the lives of children all over the world.

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Amanda’s Action Club launches App!

Encourage your children to get active, sing, dance and learn as they play along with Action Amanda!

Take Amanda with you, wherever you go, so kids can be encouraged to move and have fun anytime and anywhere.

What could be better?

Inside the app you will find all the Action Amanda albums and videos, and Amanda will be adding more content over time: new albums, further video releases, and Top Tips on Exercise, Healthy Eating and of course how to throw an incredible birthday party…

Look out also for expert guest content by Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert, Early Years specialist Laura Henry and award-winning first-aid trainer Emma Hammett.

Features of the app include:

  • Listen to all Action Amanda’s songs and watch all her videos with no limits
  • Save your children’s favourites for easy access

Traveling with kids? Low on data? No problem!

Take Action Amanda anywhere with you with offline mode for all audio tracks to keep the young ones entertained on-the-go.

Download the app and subscribe now!

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Let’s walk and talk!

by Stella Bataille, Director/Founder Club Petit Pierrot – Fun French Lessons

Parents eagerly await their child’s first tentative steps and their first words, but what many do not realise is these milestone moments are actually connected.

Until relatively recently, scientists believed that walking and talking happen completely independently. Now, research shows they’re interlinked.

So why is this?

Learning language is complex.

* First babies use their mouths to make sounds like blowing raspberries.

* Then they babble, say their first word, build sentences and much later, hold conversations.

Research shows that before they do any of these, they usually change the way they move.

A couple of weeks before babies start to babble, they begin to move their hands and arms rhythmically. Once babbling starts, these actions tend to stop.

Sitting increases lung capacity and repositions the lower jaw and tongue. This allows toddlers to make more sounds and it’s at this point speech patterns usually become more complex.

Crawling means that children are more likely to encounter danger and hear adults shouting at them to “watch the stairs,” “be careful” or “put that down.” This is when they learn to communicate with objects at a distance – i.e. their terrified parents!

Walkers, by their very nature, carry more objects than crawlers. This may seem insignificant, but it actually has a big impact on learning to talk. They interact with these objects and often hold them out for someone to take.

These are just some of the many connections scientists have made between movement and language development.

And they now say the two should be viewed as “two connected cogs within a large, complex system – each dependent on the other and working together to make small steps in development.” (University of London)


Can we help?

Parents can, very easily, help to develop these skills. Playing games and sensory rich activities, singing and dancing encourage movement and instruction following and are a great way to develop language.

Play with your children. Build a tower with blocks explaining what’s happening at every stage – “we’re getting higher,” “let’s put a red one on next,” “oh no, they’ve all fallen down.”

Build a den. This encourages problem solving and coordination. Talk to them about the objects they’re using and what they are putting where.


As you can see these things aren’t new, or indeed complex. Parents all over the world will be doing them already. Many, I suspect, without realising they’re helping to make those connections between movement and speech.

Our Approach

This isn’t new for me either. It’s something I’ve practised in my teaching from the beginning. Children aren’t made to sit still and listen. That’s not how they learn.

The need to experience – to touch, to feel, to mix, to pour, to move and to sing. These things enrich their environment and help them develop.

Movement is crucial for learning and that’s why I’m teaming up with Amanda’s Action Club. Amanda, like me, is also celebrating her quarter century in the children’s activity sector. A lot has changed since we started out back in 1995 but our core values remain the same.

“We sing, we dance, we move and we have fun” is Amanda’s motto and she believes passionately that children should be active. Her aim is to ignite a passion for fitness, good health and movement in children and their parents, whilst at the same time, developing language and social skills.

“Jouer – Chanter – Danser – Parler” (Play Sing Dance Speak) is ours! For me, and my team at Club Petit Pierrot, it’s all about creating the right interactive environment – one where a child has fun, flourish and is encouraged to communicate. We experiment, explore and as a result, the children truly absorb French without realising it!

Both of us use movement to develop language and both of us create fun, interactive learning environments to enable children to be happy and healthy in body and in mind.

And the results really do speak for themselves!

We Hope to see you on 27th July from 3.45pm to 4.45pm in Notting Hill

A bientôt !

Details and booking can be found on our website – Click here!


Booking details here

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Children’s Activities Week

Children’s Activities Week

Join us for this exciting new national event celebrating the hundreds and thousands of activities, clubs and classes benefiting millions of children every day across the UK helping them stay fit, healthy, engaged and happy.

Join us from 30th April to 4th May to help raise funds for Cauldwell Children.

Dress up as a super hero or anything that can fly. The suggested donation is £3.

Find out more at www.childrensactivitiesweek.org or follow #WatchMeFly

“Copy Sid” Song & Dance for CAA world record attempt

Get practising for the CAA world record attempt with Sid Sloane from CBeebies and the Morton Michel bears.  “Copy Sid” on Monday 30th April at 10.15am to launch Children’s Activities Week 2018 and set a new world record!





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Top ten tips to get kids active

Here are my Top ten tips on Kensington Mums website to get kids active. With half term around the corner and having children activities week starting tomorrow (30th April- 4th May 2018) this comes in a perfect timing!

Children need to get active for at least 60 minutes a day to stay healthy. Amanda shares with us her top tip for children activities week.

1. Visit the playground

Challenge the children to play on as many pieces of equipment as they can and allow 30 seconds of short bursts of action on each one.

2. Walking to school

If it’s just not practical to leave the car at home, then park or drop your kids ten minutes away from the school gates so they get some activity into their day and you don’t have to fight to find a spot!

3. Limbo dancing competitions.

You can use a rope or a broomfor this simple activity. Challenge the children to go as low as they can without touching.

4. Clean the car.

Get together with a bucket of soapy water and some sponges and give the car a clean. Take a section each and work your arms or put some music on and clean to the beat.

5. Cycle to school

Riding with the children to school is a great way to get active and introduce healthy habits! Plus cycling has many benefits for children such as improved health, confidence and concentration.

6. Family workout in the garden or living room.

Use sheets of paper with simple activities written on each one such as 10 star jumps, or touch your head, shoulders, knees and toes 20 times! Create a circuit of activities to perform at each station. Get the children to create some activities too so it’s fun for everyone.

7. Family Disco.

Its amazing how much energy you can burn dancing, and how letting loose can really make you feel good! Pump up the volume to a few favourite songs and boogie away. Make up dance moves and get the children to copy.

8. Treasure hunts.

A classic which has stood the test of time and which can have the whole family running around – especially if it’s timed. Hide small items around the house or outside and useclear instructions. You can make it harder by getting the children to either, run, hop or jump to the next clue.

9. Be a role model

There are lots of free exercise apps available. Show your children the moves and get them to copy you!

10. Swimming

All children enjoy playing in the water. Challenge your child each week to learn a new skill.

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More water please our child’s wee is dark yellow!

WUBL Water was created because, as a Dad I found there was no genuine, fun and, above all, healthy drinks alternative for young children, like my daughter Daisy, when out and about. There were plenty of bright, colourful sugary drinks that were bound to catch Daisy’s attention and sure, I brought a sippy cup along, but I found that Daisy wanted to be included and that I would’ve been happier with an alternative for her. So I made one – with the help of a cool Co-Founder called Leigh and my very supportive and patient wife, Bonnie.

I think we are all aware that our kids need to hydrate. It wasn’t until Leigh and I started our research however, that we found out how much. The truth was surprising. Did you know that our children should be having up to 1.3 litres of fluid a day? Yep, that’s not a typo, children should be having up to 1.3 litres of fluid every single day. Did you also know that around 70% of children don’t drink enough?

We can address this by talking about wee colour. I know, it’s not the most fun conversation, but it is an important one and like a pre-schooler with a felt tip pen in their sights, we don’t have time to be distracted by polite conversation, we’re heading straight for our point. Wee colour can tell us a lot about our health, but specifically whether we’ve been drinking enough. If your wee is almost clear, then you are topped with fluid and, as I say to Daisy, “high five!” If your wee is dark yellow, then it’s time to worry, find some water and rehydrate.

Once everyone’s fully hydrated they are less likely to become ill and all because they have drunk enough water each day. Interestingly children’s bodies are made up of 70% water, whilst us adults are made up of a mere 60%, which means that it is even more imperative that children stay hydrated.

Where are we going with this? At WUBL, Leigh and I want to improve kids’ health and hydration, specifically pre-schoolers between 2-4 years, as good health and wellbeing habits should start early. We know how hard it can be to get your child to stop and drink during the day. Pre-schoolers are busy people. They’ve got exploring to do, mixed in with learning and playing, and of course Amanda’s Action Club. They don’t have time to stop for anything other than snacks, nap time and the occasional tantrum. That’s why we’ve made water and hydration fun, without adding unnecessary stuff like sweetener, flavouring, fruit, sugar, a teddy bear, a parrot, a tube of toothpaste – just checking you’re still with us!

What we have added is cool, funky and fully recyclable carton packaging, with immediate kids’ appeal, including new characters called WUBLs, and that’s it! Well actually, it isn’t, we also have an awesome digital world for them to play in too, called WUBL World.

We’re offering a genuine alternative to fizzy drinks, smoothies, squashes and juices (which pre-schoolers don’t actually need) giving water some proper positive pester power that it’s not had before and removing that trade off for parents of what your child wants and what you as the parent want to give them, particularly when out and about.

If you’d like to be part of the WUBL journey with Leigh and I and to hear more and share your experiences, opinions and ideas go to:

Twitter – @WUBLWorld
Facebook – @WUBLWorldOfficial
YouTube – WUBL World

We can’t wait to hear from you. Happy hydrating!

We have loads of reports, articles and authors whose research helped us, these include Public Health England, the National Hydration Council, Mintel reports, specifically the Baby & Toddler Report, YouGov, the Office for National Statistics, Action on Sugar, the World Health Organisation and many others.

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How to keep your children fit? Amanda in the Telegraph today.

Amanda get’s a mention in today’s Telegraph article on Should you encourage your kids to work out?

Integrate exercise into their lifestyles

Children’s fitness expert Amanda Frolich of amandasactionclub.co.uk urges parents to spend time outside with kids before spending money on gym memberships. “Your child’s health is more important than anything else you do, including your job, so it is time we started to make it our priority,” she says. “Children love kicking and chasing a ball. They also love to be chased. At the playground, challenge them to play on as many pieces of equipment as possible, with 30-second bursts of activity on each.”

Read the full article here

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My day with HSBC!


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