Our Active Christmas Gift Guide for Pre-schoolers

Christmas is creeping up on us, before you know all the gifts have been open and there is wrapping paper everywhere!  It can be stressful trying to find the right gift especially for pre-schoolers, there are only so many toys that they play with.

We have some gift ideas to make your life a little easier and help keep your pre-schooler active.

A balance bike is a great way to introduce a bike to little ones. It doesn’t have pedals and allows them to work on their balance. It’s a great way to get about and encourages them to stay active.

We love this all-weather balance bike from Kids One Stop Shop £99.99


Children don’t always need a physical present an experience can be just as good if not better. Here at Amanda’s Action Club we offer a 5 class pass for just £45, you save £1 per class. Your child will love coming to our fun filled music classes.


A scooter is another great way to encourage your child to keep active and is much quicker than getting them to walk! Micro Scooters have these great 3 in 1 scooters that last from 1 to 5 years £79. 95. It starts off has ride one scooter, you the convert to a toddler scooter and finally it become a mini micro scooter.


Get out and about exploring with these great Woodland Adventure Packs from Little Discoverers. These start from £8 and they encourage learning, having fun and keeping active; a company after our own heart!


Does your child love games? Try Pumpaloons, you have to pump up the pumpaloon as quick as you can.  Lots of fun and you keep active at the same it!


If you are looking for great stocking fillers then you can’t do any better than one of our albums! Keep active at home and have fun by dancing along to our music. You’ll all work off those mince pies in no time!


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5 Alternative Advent Calendar Ideas

Alternative Advent Calendar Ideas

Christmas is sneaking up on us and it won’t be long before the children are demanding their advent calendars. Chocolate every day for 25 days may seem like a brilliant treat for the children but let’s face it, it’s not very healthy.

We have a few alternative ideas to make advent healthy but fun.

Instead of filling your advent calendars with chocolate try alternating dried fruit, homemade biscuits and chocolate.


Buy a Lego kit, wooden village or puzzle. Spread the pieces out evenly over the 25 days and by Christmas day they will have a completed toy.

This little wooden village from Amazon is only £4!


Have a daily activity to complete. Pick an activity out of a jar or bag and have fun! Ideas could include dancing along to an Amanda’s Action Club song, singing a Christmas Carol, baking Christmas biscuits, making Christmas cards or even going on a winter walk.  Have a mixture of activities you can do at home if it’s cold & wet and some that get you out and about.

Wrap up 25 books and choose a new book every day to read together. They can be new books or old favourites.  Take time to sit down, read and enjoy time with your child.

Have an advent treasure hunt. If you are going to give them treats make them work for it! Hide them in a new place each day and give them clues to find them.

For more ideas on alternative calendars visit our advent Pinterest board.

Follow Amanda’s board Alternative Advent Calenders on Pinterest.

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Amanda Action Classes at National History Museum Ice Rink Cafe Bar

We are really excited to announce that Amanda will be running classes this year at the National History Museum Ice Rink Cafe Bar. From the 5th November until the 4th of December you will be able to join in a class right next to the National History Museum Ice Rink!


Classes will be on Wednesdays at 2.30 and 3.30 pm and Thursdays 10.45 and 11.30 am.

Not been to a class before? Come and make a day of it; visit the National History Museum, go ice skating, take a class and then finish off with a lovely hot chocolate!

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How to Keep Your Child Active This Autumn.

How to Keep Your Child Active This

As the weather gets cooler and wetter its harder to get motivated to get out and about with your child and keep them active. It’s important to keep your child active and fight against the rising obesity levels.  Children under the age of 5 need 3 hours of activity a day!

We have some ideas to make keeping active this autumn fun for both you and your child.

Go On a Nature Trail

Wrap up warm, go to your Local Park or woods and get exploring. Nature Detectives have some great free printables including this great Autumn Hunt sheet.  Tick off the items as you find them. Reward yourself with a hot chocolate afterwards!

Have a Dance Party

If it’s a bit soggy outside, turn the music up and get moving. Our albums are great for this. Download your favourite tracks or buy the whole album. Your children won’t want to stop dancing.

Come to a Amanda’s Action Class


We have classes across London for you to choose from, including new classes at Gambado, Chelsea.  You get to stay and play for an hour after a class at Gambado!  An Amanda’s Action Class is a great way for both of you to have fun and stay active.

If you have never attended a class before contact us about a free taster session.


Leave the cold outside and stay warm in the pool. Swimming is a great way to stay active and have fun at the same time.

Embrace the Rain

If all else fails, get those welly boots on and get jumping in the puddles. Relive your childhood and join them!

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10 Amanda’s Action Club CD’s To Be Won

We are currently running a giveaway over on our Facebook page.

Click through to our Facebook page to find out how to enter

Closing Date: Midnight 14/10/2014
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Our North London Franchisees: Meet Patricia and Priam!

We are very excited to catch up with our North London Franchisees, Patricia Deasy and Priam Dunford.

Inspired by the fun, energetic, and exciting world of Amanda’s Action Club, this couple were thrilled join the Action Club franchise team earlier this year and bring fun, fitness and music to the families of North London.

‘I was a host for Amanda’s Action Club for 2 years and loved every minute of it, so when the opportunity arose to become a franchisee I jumped at the chance (literally)!’  Priam



We asked what made them choose an Action Club franchise.

‘As an ex-British Gymnast, I have always been passionate about sports and fitness. I choose to represent Action Club because it gave me the opportunity to channel my energy and experience into a fun and productive programme. It also allowed me to teach children that being fit and active is not only important for our health, but is also a wonderful opportunity to have fun and make friends!’ Priam

Watch Priam’s Gymnastics skills here!


Priam and Patricia have been running their Action Club franchise since June and its gone from strength to strength.

The first few months have been so many things for myself and Priam! We have met many insightful people, interacted with a lovely community, and learned many new things about this industry. Action Club is a very nurturing and positive business, which brings out the best in both of us and encourages us as if we were family. We are just thrilled with everything we have experienced so far and look forward to the months to come! Patricia




Priam and Patricia run sessions at two different venues in the North London area:

  • The Arts Depot in North Finchley
  • Poem in St. John’s Wood

For more information about these sessions, contact Patricia on 07783160745 or via email at tricia.deasy@action-club.co.uk. To learn more about Action Club North London, check out www.action-club.co.uk .


Are you passionate about children’s health and development?

Always wanted to run your own business?

Does Amanda’s Action Club franchise sound like the right business for you?

To find out more about Amanda’s Action Franchise contact us on info@amandasactionclub.co.uk


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5 ways to get your child to help tidy up at home

ways to get your child to help tidy up

Children love to make a mess but they are not so keen on tidying up afterwards. At Amanda’s Action Club we make tidying up a part of the class, by making it fun they want to join in and help.

If you want your child to help tidy up at home then we have some ideas that might help you.

Get Involved and Make it Fun

Help them to tidy up; don’t leave it to them. A room full of toys can seem daunting to a small child. Make it fun for them and they will be more inclined to help you.  Ask them to find all the blue toys or all the cars or dolls etc. first and put them away. Make it a challenge.

Time Them

Children love to be timed to see how fast they can do something. Keep a chart of how quickly they tidy up their toys each day. They will want to beat their time each day.

Make It a Race

If you have more than one child have them to race each other or have them race you. Spilt the room in two and whoever tidies up their side first wins.

Sticker Chart

What child doesn’t love a sticker? Set up a sticker chart and every time they tidy up they get a sticker.  When they reach a certain amount of stickers they get a treat.

Get Musical

Pop on our Lets Tidy Up song and get moving and tidying up. The children love it in class and they will love it at home.  Either buy the whole album which is packed full of great tracks or just download the Lets Tidy Up Song. Soon they will be begging you to help tidy up!













How do you get your children to help tidy up?

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New Amanda Action Classes for September

We are really excited to announce that we have classes at two new venues starting this September.

After a successful trial at Mothercare Kew, classes will be starting on Wednesday 10th September.


New Action Classes will also be held at Gambado, Chelsea starting on Tuesday 16th September at 10am – 10.45am and 10.45am -11.30am.

Classes at Gambado will cost:

  • £10 pay as you go.
  • Siblings receive a £1 reduction each per class.
  • £51 for a block of 6 weeks
  • £45 for a block of 6 weeks for Gambado annual members only

You can pay as you go on the day or book a 6 week block online.

Prices include a play at Gambado after the class.

We are running trial sessions on the 2nd and 9th September.

Final Mothercare

Don’t forget that we run classes all over London; if you cannot attend any of those above you can find a class closer to you on our website.

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Bring the Action Club into Your Home with Action Club Vol 1

Bring the Action Club into Your Home (1)

We are passionate about getting children active and healthy to fight obesity. Taking part in an Action Class is a great way to stay active but we know sometimes you can’t make a class or want to do more at home.

Amanda enlisted a team of talented musicians, producers and vocalists and created Action Club Vol 1.

Ex Beautiful South singer Alison Wheeler lends her vocals, writing and producing talents.  Alison worked alongside Amanda and Jack Reynolds from Jack in the Box Studios they produced a brilliant mix of contemporary nursery rhymes and original songs.

This album has been designed so that YOU and your child can get active and have fun. Amanda’s Action Club firmly believes young children learn best through interactions with other children and adults.

Listen to all the tracks or pop on your favourite when you need an energy boost.

  • Track : 01 Action Club Warm Up
  •  Track : 02 Shake Your Egg
  •  Track : 03 Sleeping Creatures
  •  Track : 04 Cardio Party
  •  Track : 05 Baa Baa Black Sheep
  •  Track : 06 Grand Old Duke Of York
  •  Track : 07 Incy Wincy
  •  Track : 08 Many Ways To Go
  •  Track : 09 Let’s Clap – £0.79
  •  Track : 10 Twinkle Twinkle
  •  Track : 11 Maracas Moves
  •  Track : 12 Parachute Playtime
  •  Track : 13 Streamer Song
  •  Track : 14 Growing Up
  •  Track : 15 Action Club Goodbye
  •  Track : 16 From Me To You  Track : 17 Can You Eat A Rainbow (Bonus Track)
  •  Track : 18 I’m Still Dry Potty Training Song (Bonus Track)

The warm up song is perfect to get you started and ready for some fun. The cardio party track is very popular as well as the Tidy Up Song. Every parent and teacher needs a copy of the Tidy Up Song!

You can purchase the whole album or buy the tracks singly and make up your own play list.

action club vol 1

Action Club Vol 1 is perfect for a rainy day, parties or when you just feel the need to dance around and have fun!

What is your favourite track from the Album?

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We will fight obesity! Our top tips on how to keep your family healthy

We will fight obesity! Our top tips on

It’s hard not to notice the worrying news that obesity is on the rise, especially in children.  Here at Amanda’s Action Club we are passionate about fighting obesity. We believe that if we give children and parents the right tools, children can grow up and lead a happy and healthy life.

A few small changes to your lifestyle can make a huge difference to both you and your family’s health.

Not sure where to start? Here are our top tips to help fight obesity.

Cut down on the processed foods.

By making small switches in your food choices you can not only eat much healthier but save money as well.

For example instead of buying readymade pasta sauces make your own. Use passata, some mixed herbs and as much veg as you can. Try grating in a carrot, celery and popping in a few blocks of frozen spinach.

Make your own chicken nuggets, burgers and meatballs. They really don’t take very long to make and taste much nicer. Get your children involved and get them to help make them.

Cut down on the sugar

We are not saying cut it out completely but try not to have cakes, biscuits and sweets every day.  Check labels for hidden sugar you’ll be surprised how much is in yogurts especially diet yogurts.

Switch to natural yogurts and add your own fruit to it. If you need a little sweetness add a drizzle of honey.

Instead of ice-cream this summer chop up banana and freeze it. Then blitz in a food processor for yummy banana ice cream.

Make your own ice lollies using fresh juices. Dilute the juice with water, add some fresh fruits like blueberries and freeze.

If you can’t live without your cakes and biscuits make your own and reduce the sugar content. Try using half wholemeal flour to make them healthier.

Eat a rainbow

We should be aiming for at least 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day if not 7-10. This can seem daunting but it’s easier than you think. Don’t forget a portion for a child is generally equivalent to the size of the palm of your hand.

Breakfast: Bowl of cereal and a banana (1)

Snack: Grapes (1)

Lunch: Chicken and lettuce wrap, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks (2)

Snack: Crackers and raisins (1)

Dinner: Homemade chicken nuggets, homemade wedges, reduced salt baked beans. Natural Greek Yogurt and Strawberries (2)

That’s 7!

Drink water

New research shows that only drinking water at meal times can help fight obesity. Sugary drinks contain empty calories and we need to get out of the habit of drinking them.

Lead by example and only drink water at meal times. Get a jug and have it on the table so it’s easier to get to. Make it fun with ice cubes, frozen fruit, straws. Invest in a water filter jug to make the water taste nicer.

Only offer water to weaning babies with meals. If they don’t get a taste for sugary drinks they will drink only water.

Get active

Children under the age of 5 should have 3 hours of activity every day.

Get into the habit of going for walks. Walk to preschool or school if you can. Get off the bus or park the car earlier and walk the rest of the way. Make it fun by going to the park, having a treasure hunt or a nature trail. If it’s wet get your wellies on and jump in puddles.

Play in the garden, kick a ball around, skip or do some gardening.

Come along to an Action Club Class and dance around with us. We use funky music, nursery rhymes, unique props and musical instruments to inspire little ones to move, explore and have fun.

Can’t make a class? Or want to do some more at home then try our albums. Fun, Fitness and Music has the very popular Tidy up Song on it.  We also have Action Club Vol 1 with the brilliant Can You Eat a Rainbow and Cardio Party songs.

Start the obesity fighting journey today and join in with Amanda and the Cardio Party song!

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