Free Action Amanda Club Taster Sessions In July

free tasters sessions

We have some brilliant free taster sessions for you to attend this month. If you haven’t been to a class before this is your chance to come along and see what we do.

We will running a new class at Kew Mothercare in September. To give you a taste of what’s to come we are running four free taster sessions!

Wednesday 23rd July
2pm – 2.45pm
3pm – 3.45pm

Wednesday 30th July
2.45pm – 3.30pm
3.45pm – 4.30pm

To book your place please email

Come along and join Amanda and have fun this summer!


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What Action Amanda Did In June

What a month June has been for me. Busy, busy, busy! Between classes and parties I have been out working with amazing people and attending the most brilliant events.

I started the month at the Summer Sparks Family Day with Kensington Mums.  The event was to raise money for local youth clubs.  I strutted my stuff and got the children up having a great time. It was a full filled day.

Kensington Mums Charity Family Day

The very next day I got 6000 runners warmed up at The Race for Kids event at Battersea Park to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. My break dancing crew then entertained the crowd with their stunning break dance routines!

Race for Kids GOSH

The month got even more exciting for me when I met Phyliss Logan from Downton Abbey! I was at Fullers London Pride 10k performing my Warm Up song. It is very popular!

To top things off I joined personal trainer James Farmer on This Morning (Yes I was on TV!!) and showed everyone how to get toned for summer. I got the chance to meet Rylan and Jenni Falconer.

Amanda on This Morning

What have you been up to this month?

If you would like me to attend your event contact

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Are your kids getting their Five A Day?

3 Simple Ways to Get Them to eat More Fruit & Veg


We’ve all heard the NHS guidelines about how five portions of fruit and vegetables are essential for kids (and grownups!) to have a healthy diet, right?  Well actually, new research is suggesting that we should in fact be aiming for SEVEN portions, if not TEN!

Here at Amanda’s Action club, we’re passionate about ealthy eating, but we’re well aware that children don’t always feel the same!  If the thought of trying to squeeze twice as much fruit and veg into your little one fills you with dread, don’t panic.  We’ve a few great ideas to help convince even the most reluctant fussy eater that the stuff that’s good for you tastes great too!

Get creative:

One of the most important things to understand about the guidelines is the importance of variety in a child’s diet.  Most kids have at least one or two ‘go to’ fruits that they’re happy to munch as a snack, but ideally, you should be encouraging them to try as many different fruits and vegetables as possible and mixing them up on a daily basis.

With that in mind, why not try creating a chart of all the differently coloured fruits and veggies you can think of?  (red tomatoes, orange peppers, yellow sweet corn, green beans, blue blueberries, purple beetroot, etc.)  Set your child a challenge to eat each colour of the rainbow everyday – perhaps with coloured stickers to add to their chart as they do?

Get your kids involved:

Children are far more likely to eat something they’ve had a hand in preparing, so let them get involved in the kitchen!

Rainbow pizzas are a great idea to introduce new and different vegetables – make your own dough, sprinkle Italian herbs into chopped tomatoes for sauce, then let your little ones go wild making their own pizza as colourful as possible.

Get Smart:

7 portions a day may sound like a lot, but if you plan ahead, it’s actually quite easy to fit them all into a day.  Add some blueberries to cereal in the morning for breakfast and you’re off to a great start.  A crunchy red apple with fresh orange juice for a morning snack gets you to three.  A sandwich stuffed with tuna and sweet corn, plus some cucumber sticks and hummus takes you up to five.  A handful of grapes with some crackers when they get home from school, suddenly that’s six.  Serve up tasty fish fingers with peas for tea, and you’re done!  Not only that, but they will have eaten a great variety of colours too – delicious!

What are your own top tips for helping your kids to ‘eat a rainbow’?

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Healthy Eating for Children – Healthy Eating Ideas They’ll LOVE!

healthy eating for children

Here at Amanda’s Action Club, you know we’re all about getting kids active, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

That said, we also know that kids will be kids – and that most, if not all go through ‘fussy eating’ stages where good stuff like fruits and vegetables are just not as appealing as their favourite crisps or chocolate bar.  With that in mind, we’ve put together some great ideas for snacks that you’ll love because they’re healthy and nutritious, and kids will love too because they’re delicious!

Smoothies:  I’m yet to meet a child that doesn’t love a smoothie.  And the great thing is, they are quick and easy to make!  Just pop any fruits you like in a blender, top up with milk, yoghurt or fruit juice, blitz and enjoy!  Kids will love making up their own recipes – and you’ll love watching them get half of their daily requirements in one big glass!

Muffins: Yes, let them eat cake!  Healthy cake though!  A simple muffin mix can be adapted to include all manner of fruit and vegetables.  Try carrot and courgette, apple and raisin, summer fruits – experiment and be sure to get your little ones involved in the baking process!

Fajitas: For some reason, most kids I know love the appeal of a bit of DIY at the dinner table – and fajitas make a perfect healthy family meal.  As well as lean chicken strips, chop up colourful peppers, slices of aubergine, mushrooms – whatever you have in the fridge really!  Top with plenty of fresh tomato salsa and avocado and let the whole family get stuck in.

Pizza: All kids love pizza don’t they?  And if you make your own, there’s no reason they can’t be nutritious as well as delicious.  Chop up plenty of different coloured vegetables and let them go to town deciding on their own topping – they’ll love making patterns and pictures with all the different colours and shapes!

Fruit Lollies: When the sun comes out, kids LOVE ice lollies.  So make your own and pack plenty of fresh fruit into their favourite treat!  Fill a lolly mould with chopped fruits, top up with fruit juice and freeze for a delicious treat on a hot day.

Don’t forget as well as eating healthy kids need to be active. Download a copy of our Action Club Vol 1 album and dance along to our healthy eating song!


What’s your little one’s favourite healthy snack?


Visit our Delicious & Nutritious Pinterest Board  

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Nursery and School Training with Amanda

Here at Amanda’s Action Club we don’t just run our brilliant Action Classes, we can train and educate nurseries and schools.

Amanda’s Action Club runs weekly sessions in many nurseries in London and the South East. Our unique mix of fun, fitness and music helps teach children the skills they need to explore and interact with the world around them. We base our sessions around the principles from the Early Years Foundation Stage.

As well as running these weekly sessions we can come in and train nursery staff on how to encourage children to get active and help with children that have additional needs.

We can also come to schools and work with teachers and staff and train them. Amanda is especially knowledgeable about children with additional needs and can advise in that area.

Amanda recently ran a Jump and Pump session at the Nursery & Primary Show.  Amanda uses Jump and Pump in the Nursery and School settings.

Jump and Pump is a routine of movement, music, dancing and singing which staff can do with children.

Watch Amanda demonstrate the Jump and Pump routine and the work she does with nursery children.

Our Nursery sessions are very popular and the feedback we have been given is amazing:

Amanda very kindly offered to carry out a session at my school in central London. The school is a special school for children with severe / profound multiple learning difficulties, complex medical needs, autism or challenging behaviour.……

Amanda was able to ensure that all of the students were engaged at all times and the students remained so for the whole hour which is a huge achievement for the students! The students were motivated by Amanda’s loud, outgoing and inspiring teaching strategies and some of the students were keen to join in independently by using the microphone / copying dance moves etc

Katie Medwell-Bates, Jack Tizard School, Shepherds Bush, London

Amanda’s Action Club has been coming to the nursery every week since we opened. The children (and staff) love the visits and we eagerly wait for Amanda to arrive, she injects her sessions with her own personal enthusiasm which is very infectious, making a really fun session for the children. I can’t recommend Amanda’s Action Club highly enough for their very unique classes.”

Laura Digby-Bell, Manager of Northcote Gardens Nursery, Wandsworth.

For further details regarding a session at your children’s centre, nursery setting or school please call us on 01895 623999 or email

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How Do You Keep Your Child Active On Rainy Days?

Here at Amanda’s Action Club we need your help. We are developing some Action Club Kits that you can use at home with a DVD  and props and we need your input.

What we want to know is how you keep your child active on rainy days.

Do you sing?

Do you dance?

Do you run around and play games?

Do you use props such as musical instruments?

Get dressed up?

We want to make sure we develop something that is easy and fun to use at home when you can’t get outside to work off that energy.

Please leave your answers below we really appreciate any feedback you can give us.

While you are waiting for the kits to be developed you can join Amanda in the warm up song below.

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Contemporary Nursery Rhymes Rock

Traditional nursery rhymes are great when you want your child to have some down time. The soft melodies are calming and guarantee a happy child. However if you want your child to get active then contemporary nursery rhymes are the way to go. The catchy beat and up-tempo melodies will get them on their feet in no time.

Here at Amanda’s Action Club we have worked really hard to ensure all our songs including the traditional nursery rhymes have a modern and contemporary beat; it’s what keeps families coming back.

Amanda recruited the best in the music business to help ensure our songs and nursery rhymes are perfect to get your little ones up and dancing.

Ex Beautiful South singer Alison Wheeler lends her vocals.

Respected Ivor Novello award nominated BAFTA winning composer Andrew McCrorie-Shand has written original music. Andrew wrote the no1 hit ‘Eh-Oh’ and has composed music for many children’s TV shows.

There are several ways you can enjoy our contemporary nursery rhymes and original songs:

Amanda’s Action Club Classes: Come and join in with one of our classes. We promise to have your and your child up dancing and having fun. They are a great way to get active and let them express themselves.  We have some free taster sessions available at selected classes. To book your place contact us on 01895 623999 or email

Amanda’s Action Club Album: Can’t get to a class? Amanda has recorded two Albums which you can buy in CD format or you can download individually.  We highly recommend the Tidy Up Song! All parents should have a copy.

Keep fit and have fun with Fun, Fitness and Music. In this album you will find a collection of fun songs for an interactive workout created to promote physical development and wellbeing for infants and toddlers.

Get dancing with Action Club vol1. Packed full of lively songs and modern nursery rhymes your child won’t be able to stop dancing.

Give our Warm up Song a try. Amanda has recorded this great video for you to watch and interact with at home.

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Why to Choose a Modern Entertainer for your Pre-schooler’s Party

When it comes to planning the perfect party for your pre-schooler, the first thought many parents have is to bring in a ‘traditional’ entertainer.  But while you might think that magicians and clowns and balloon animals go hand in hand with jelly & ice cream and birthday cake, your little one and their friends might have their own ideas!

Modern kids want modern entertainment.  No doubt you’re well aware that young children are excitable little balls of energy, they’re non-stop, into everything, and they have notoriously short attention spans!

At Amanda’s Action Club, we understand how children think, and we know how to keep them entertained!  We definitely believe that variety is the spice of life, that’s why we pack our parties full of so many different things for the kids to try out.  We’ll bring props, and music, and games and ideas, and we’ll actively encourage the children to get involved and have a great time.

We know that kids can get ‘bored’ all too easily, but we also know how to spot if an activity is losing its novelty and quickly switch to something new and exciting before we lose the attention of our pint sized party goers!  We’re also happy to discuss your requirements ahead of time and tailor the party activities to suit your child and make sure their favourite games are included.

We know that happy kids = happy parents, and choosing a modern party entertainer can save you a lot of time and effort too.  At Amanda’s Action Club, we can take the stress out of your party planning by helping with everything from the party snacks to party bags.

You know how passionate we are about kid’s nutrition and health, so you don’t need to worry about scowls from other parents for sending their kids home full of sugar and with more sweet stuff to take away!  We are full of great ideas to make healthy eating exciting and appealing to kids.  We can supply buffets packed with fun mini foods, individual lunch boxes and even designer tea for the grownups to enjoy too!

In a nutshell, our mission is to provide you and of course your special birthday boy or girl with an unforgettable party full of fun and activity that they’ll be talking about until next year!

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