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How Do You Keep Your Child Active On Rainy Days?

Here at Amanda’s Action Club we need your help. We are developing some Action Club Kits that you can use at home with a DVD  and props and we need your input. What we want to know is how you keep your child active on rainy days. Do you sing? Do you dance? Do you […]

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Contemporary Nursery Rhymes Rock

Traditional nursery rhymes are great when you want your child to have some down time. The soft melodies are calming and guarantee a happy child. However if you want your child to get active then contemporary nursery rhymes are the way to go. The catchy beat and up-tempo melodies will get them on their feet […]

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Why to Choose a Modern Entertainer for your Pre-schooler’s Party

When it comes to planning the perfect party for your pre-schooler, the first thought many parents have is to bring in a ‘traditional’ entertainer.  But while you might think that magicians and clowns and balloon animals go hand in hand with jelly & ice cream and birthday cake, your little one and their friends might […]

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