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Promoting Creative Development

Everyday children, whatever age they might be, will be learning skills to help them grow the building blocks of life, creating skills that will stay with them right into adulthood. From learning how to socialise and interact with others, to picking up and holding small objects. Ensuring your children have an environment where they can […]

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Guest Post: Laura Henry, Introducing Confident Talkers – fun ways to get children talking!

Why is this special to you?” “How do you know when your friends are sad?” Asking children open-ended questions helps them to think critically and expand their vocabulary. It also builds their confidence, aiding their personal, emotional and social development. As an experienced and award-winning Early Years expert, Laura Henry knows that starting meaningful conversations […]

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The true cost of overweight kids!

We’ve all heard about the ongoing publicity of childhood obesity and how it will cost us all a fortune in the long run, but how true is this? Are we really breeding a new over sized society of fast food munching children? Well, shockingly it would appear we are, new figures out claim that just […]

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