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Amanda’s Action Club launches App!

Encourage your children to get active, sing, dance and learn as they play along with Action Amanda! Take Amanda with you, wherever you go, so kids can be encouraged to move and have fun anytime and anywhere. What could be better? Inside the app you will find all the Action Amanda albums and videos, and […]

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More water please our child’s wee is dark yellow!

WUBL Water was created because, as a Dad I found there was no genuine, fun and, above all, healthy drinks alternative for young children, like my daughter Daisy, when out and about. There were plenty of bright, colourful sugary drinks that were bound to catch Daisy’s attention and sure, I brought a sippy cup along, but I found […]

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We will fight obesity! Our top tips on how to keep your family healthy

It’s hard not to notice the worrying news that obesity is on the rise, especially in children.  Here at Amanda’s Action Club we are passionate about fighting obesity. We believe that if we give children and parents the right tools, children can grow up and lead a happy and healthy life. A few small changes […]

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Are your kids getting their Five A Day?

  We’ve all heard the NHS guidelines about how five portions of fruit and vegetables are essential for kids (and grownups!) to have a healthy diet, right?  Well actually, new research is suggesting that we should in fact be aiming for SEVEN portions, if not TEN! Here at Amanda’s Action club, we’re passionate about ealthy […]

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Healthy Eating for Children – Healthy Eating Ideas They’ll LOVE!

Here at Amanda’s Action Club, you know we’re all about getting children active, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle from an early age. That said, we also know that children will be children – and that most, if not all go through ‘fussy eating’ stages where good stuff like fruits and vegetables are just not as […]

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